Chanel in Sydney, Australia

  1. Hi there,

    Looking to pick up a Chanel Wallet/Purse/Bag for my special girl for Christmas and really dont know where to start looking.

    I was intent on going the eBay route but I've been lead to believe a lot of the gear advertised on there lacks authenticity.

    I've heard the Chanel Boutique in Castlereagh St is the only option for Chanel in Sydney, is this true? Also would anyone have some sort of indication what I would be forking out for a Chanel wallet/purse etc.

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated!
  2. Hi Loving Guy,

    Yes unfortunately, Chanel Castlereagh St is the only boutique in Sydney to get your other half that Chanel bag/wallet. Expect to pay around $500.00 for a wallet or around $1,500.00 for a bag (the cheapest one) which is the classic single flap (baguette) in caviar leather. Its a great size bag. Enjoy the experience.