Chanel in-store purchase question

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  1. Hello ladies. I have a question.

    I wanted Chanel for a while, first i wanted the 2.55 now i want a small boy in red. i really want to make it a whole experience, go to 5th ave Chanel store (i've never been to it), i am planning on purchasing it closer to June when i finally will be done with my exams.

    so, i was wondering, are there chances the bag (boy bag) will be sold out in actual Chanel store since it is so popular now? I was in Bergdorf a while ago and when i went to Chanel section, the choice of bags was super limited (less than 10 choices as i remember). Should i call them some time ahead just to know they have it stock? Do they have same bags they show on their Chanel website? I am asking just because as of my knowledge, popular Chanel items are selling like hot cakes.
  2. hi tatsu!:smile: Whether the boy will be sold out depends on the particular color, leather, and style of the Boy you are seeking to buy. It seems like Chanel has been introducing boy Chanel seasons after seasons, with slight variations to style, color, and leather. You may want to check out the prefall 2014 collection in the upcoming months since it will start shipping around the time you plan to buy your Chanel. When you find what you like, you may want to get on a reserve list put out by the department stores/boutique so they could contact you once the bag arrives. Good luck and have fun researching.:smile: