Chanel in Singapore

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  1. is Chanel store in Singapore ever goes on sale?
    How are their pricing compare with the US?
  2. Are you a fellow Sporean too? Welcome then ! :wlae:
    Oooo...not tt I know fact never i think! Unless Taka has some cc promotion. They once had the DBS Black or Platinum cards holders having ard 20% off on all luxury boutiques in taka.
    Hmmm...not too sure about the flap bags but a cambon tote is ard SGD2.8K and the bowler ard SGD2.4K.
    If you go to the thread where the ladies post info on their cambons you can roughly estimate the diff in price? :shrugs:
  3. Yes they do, but they don't advertise it. They just call those on the VIP list and when you step in, they take the bags out one by one to show you. Usually the seasonal stuff.
  4. Yep, if you are not on the VIP list, ask for the sale pieces and they will show you those pieces on sale. Usually nothing nice will be on sale, like for last year, the sale pieces were like some canvas totes or fur bags. ;)
  5. The Black Card (issue by DBS) only 10%...but I dun think Chanel Boutiques in Tower B is included ( maybe just like the latest card in Taka Platinium Card)
    As for some bags (pricing) as follows (all quotes in S$)
    A33450 Coco Cabas $2860 (calf leather)
    New Cabas (not in as yet but prices ranges between $3200-3500)

    A32946 Diamond Shine $3960
    A25169 Small Tote $2010 Caviar
    A20995 Large Tote $3080 Caviar

    Bowling Bag $3980
    Cambon Wallet $1200
    Classic Double Flap $3090

    That's all I can furnish u..
  6. just adding one more to that list of prices--
    black ritz bag (smaller size, non-patent): SGD4200
  7. If i remember correctly, the bronze tote from the luxury ligne was going for SGP$4300 :smile: