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    Whats the latest style of chanel bags available in shops? coming soon to singaporeeee.........:nuts:
  2. I was at Chanel today. Saw some classic flaps & E/Ws, a few shar peis, expandable totes, the paris baritz in black & brown, pst in black, timeless clutch, lots of wallets & accessories, boots.... Nothing exciting. Didn't see anything from the Les Marias range, bubble quilts have been sold out. Sometimes they "hide" the bags behind those movable panels so u'll have to ask for the particular bag u want. I didn't pay much attention as I was only interested in getting on the list for the camelia wallet...

    There'll be new stuff coming in this Friday. I'll be there so maybe I can update u then. Or is there a certain style u are looking for? Maybe I can help check it out...
  3. Yes definitely, you really have to ask them what else they have, would help if you know which bag you wanna see. They don't display a lot of the bags, like the reissues etc. I was in there last week and saw the 8 Knots, expandable, sharpey, timeless clutch in satin (they had it in caviar not on display), Monte Carlo clutch, classic flaps in black in various sizes etc. You can call the boutique at +65-67335624 to check what's coming in..
  4. What is the Monte Carlo clutch?
  5. Would you ladies know if a white caviar jumbo flap is available in s/h? and price? Many thanks in advance.
  6. hi there, have not personally seen any white classic flaps at all in the store here, just beige/brown ones in the past. if you can order from either the US or Europe, i would suggest you get it there anyway cos the prices in Singapore are really expensive compared to these countries. i would think a caviar jumbo flap would cost more than S$4,000 (USD2,600) here?
  7. Hi, Chanel Singapore doesn't bring in white for the flaps. They only have black and beige. And yes, the price is higher than the US for classic designs.
  8. But for foreigner you can claim back your 7% GST at the airport :tup:
  9. thanks girls! appreciate your replies :flowers:
  10. Oh, I saw a medium white caviar before. But for jumbos, they never had any color except black.
  11. how much is it for a medium caviar leather?
  12. I think you'll get 6.something % back as there is some sort of administration charges.

  13. For foreigner you will get about 5% tax refund... BY the way, is the price in Singapore more expensive than US (even after US tax)? Just curious.....
  14. Tax is now 7% refundable for visitors. Think its still more expensive after tax. The stock isn't fantastic either
  15. For tax refund, it varies from shop to shop, my friend was just in Singapore in end July, for some shops (including Chanel) she's got 6+% back, some shops 4+% back only, apparentlt there are 2 different "organisation/companies" handling the tax refund, it depends on which company the retail shops registered with.... this is what my friend told me...maybe someone else can confirm this...
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