Chanel in Singapore

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  1. A friend of mine is going to Singapore in the next months. She will spend there 2 weeks as celebration of her degree, so she will have a lot of time for going around.... and eventually buying something for me!!! :yahoo:
    Is there any trustable second hand Chanel (and/or LV) store? Thanks for your replies!!! Do you think she can find something at let-trade prices?
    She is not expert about Chanel and Vuitton so I need a 100% trustable shop. Maybe someone of you know something helpful. Thanks in advance!! ;)
  2. Perhaps she can check out Madam Milan at Raffles Place MRT (metro) station.
  3. Thank you very much!! Have you ever go to this shop? Is there a good choise and good prices? Thanks in advance for your infos!! :smile:
  4. I've sold my stuff there before and the lady boss is very strict regarding the authenticity. It has been mentioned on TPF previously too. Here's their website:
  5. That's great info! I'll be heading over to Singapore the end of June.