Chanel in Short HIlls NJ

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  1. Tons of shoes on sale. No bags although there were like 3 bags on sale at NM. Two of them looked in poor condition. One was a small gray/silver I had never seen before that wasn't bad. Sorry I don't know the names but they really didn't impress me.

    A few pieces of jewelery also on sale at boutique and NM. I saw a large black butterfly bracelet and a few butterfly earings.

    Someone should be able to score some shoes. Good luck ladies!
  2. wut shoes are on sale? thx!
  3. My SA there told me that shoes were going to be on sale....please tell me they were ONLY the ones on the farthest left shelf when you walk in? That's what he told me last week...& I want a pair of flats real bad...just ones I don't think are on sale so it doesn't really matter lol.
  4. The Chanel Boutique in SH has tons of shoes on sale. I went there yesterday and got three pairs. I got a pair of pink pumps with alligator tips, matte gold pumps and black animal flip flops. Also, picked up a large black ultimate soft bag.

    All there sale shoes are sorted by size. Some of the shoes they have are denim wedges, some flat sandals in a couple colors, white patent wedge sandal, denim slides, bronze pump with black tip. Also some animal print bags on sale too.
  5. Would love to see pictures of the shoes you bought. Sounds fabulous.

    I should have looked more carefully at the shoes. For some reason, I was not in the shoe mood and only looked at bags and jewelery.

    Bring on the pictures!
  6. Those shoes are gorgeous! Anyone else score any items at the sale?
  7. Thanks Snibor!!! I love them. Couldn't beat the prices.
  8. Love your shoes, they are all beautiful! Congrats what a score!
  9. Love your shoes! especially pink pumps! May I ask how much are they? again, Congrats on your shoes!
  10. Nice shoes, especially the pink pumps, how much are those before/after?
  11. Thanks everyone. I loved the pink pumps so much...just had to have them. They were originally $795 marked down to $495. When I looked at the shoes this morning, the price tag on the bottom says $395 so I am bringing them back today to see if they will give them to me for the $395.
  12. Good luck on the price adjustment.
    Those pumps are gorgeous! even at $495, it is a steal! :heart: