Chanel in saks fifth avenue stores

  1. Hi im new on this forum and Im interested in getting either the cambon large tote in black with black patent c's (is it still being sold in stores?) or the black caviar grand shopping tote with silver hardware. I have a card at Saks but the Saks in chicago doesnt sell chanel handbags, so would I be able to ask them to find that purse in a Saks in another state? I rather use my saks card instead of my other credit cards. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! :yes:
  2. Many of the Saks carry chanel. The bags that you are looking for are not easy to comeby. I suggest you go to a thread that was posted about SA's and call around and get on a list.
    I can tell you that the Saks in Boca Raton, Florida carry chanel, but do not have the bags you are looking for. The number there is 561-393-9100. The SA there is Marta.
  3. Thanks Sabi I will try calling a few SAs. :smile:
  4. There are several threads about SA's many of them at Saks. Try and do a search. Good luck...
  5. i just went to the saks on 5th about a week and a half ago and i didn't see any cambons. but they do carry chanel, for future reference.
  6. Call Helen at the Saks in San Antonio. She's quite helpful
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I will do some searching and if not, I'll just look for another Chanel bag.
  8. I actually just bought that black large Cambon tote with the black patent CC's a couple days ago. My SA at NM had to order it from a warehouse for me and when she looked in the computer there were only 4 left. She said when the computer shows 3 or less they aren't allowed to place the order. I don't know if this is just a TX thing, or if there's a central Chanel warehouse they all order from, or what, but that was the last info I got.

    I know the NM in Houston, TX had one large Cambon tote, the black with white leather CC's, because my SA tracked it down for me before I changed my mine. If you're interested in that one you can try to call there. I don't know if she'll still have it though, it was the only one and she said it was really hard to find.
  9. Damien at Saks in Bala Cynwyd (he's DJO here) would help you I am sure.
    Also, my SAs have often gotten stuff for me from the NM warehouse.
  10. Charlotte NM has the large black cambon you are lookning for. I saw it today. 704-442-7900