Chanel in Rome

  1. Pricing is the same for both Italy and Paris. (rem the one passport one bag policy in one country in 2 mths though)

    yes there is a boutique in rome located in Spagna. It is on the left of the Spanish steps (if you are on the steps).

    in my opinion though the stores with more stocks are Milan and of course, Paris. What are you planning to buy? Are you from Singapore by any chance? :smile:
  2. yes, thanks alot!

    im planning to get the Jumbo classic in Rome.

    Do you think they have stocks for that?

    yes, i'm a sgporean! :smile:) & im using my mum's pp as I'm holding EU residence permit, which i can't claim tax for!
  3. They might. They don't have mine in stock while I was there but they had the beige caviar jumbo. Best to call one day before hand to check. I tried emailing but Chanel Rome never replied me.
  4. awwww. I'm planning to get the black one with either SHW or GHW.
    but im going italy for so many days! plan to get on my last night there! :sad:

    do you have the number by any chance? they only got 1 boutique in Rome? :smile:
  5. As far as I know yeah only one boutique in Rome. My dear I went to almost all the boutiques in Italy - Milan, Florence, Rome and Venice and they all don't have my jumbo in black hahaha. So you really need some serious luck. But if its lambskin you are getting for jumbo you should be able to get it no prob.

    you can get the numbers for all the boutiques from the chanel webby.
  6. oh no! what about the red jumbo? :sad:

    no lambskin for me, cos its so hard to maintain!
  7. Didn't see the red jumbo either. Shipment comes in at odd times, sometimes during the midday, so you may wanna visit in the afternoon. It really depends on your luck.

    But if you are not picky about ghw or shw like I am, you may find what you want easier.. I only wanted ghw caviar..

    It would seems that caviar jumbo is particularly difficult to find in Italy. (oddly most Chanel bags now are made in Italy) you may have better luck in France.
  8. ohhhh no...seems like i have to detour to paris for it then... hmmm :sad:
  9. well at least you'll have more stores in Paris to chose from... as I told another forumer, Chanel boutiques further from the Paris Central may have more stocks as they are out of the way. I got my sis beige jumbo caviar from St Honore (no one in store when I was there, a contrast to the crowded Montaigne).. and the forumer tried her luck calling there just now and manage to "chope" her bag.
  10. even for Maxi there is none at Rome as well?

    whoa, but how many days do they allow to "chope" for?
  11. I didn't ask or look for Maxi.. so I don't know. you can try your luck.

    only 24 hours! The other forummer was getting her friend in Paris to buy for her.
  12. okay, thanks alot! :amuse:
  13. Rarababy! Just an update, my husband called Rome last night, they say that they usually have stock for black and beige flaps( sizes no guarantee though) and if u are looking for the new Red, they are hoping it will be in by end of July or early August. And you can call to reserve 48 hours before( that's what the staff said). HTH

    Cyanara, thnx again for all the valuable info! Ooh I thought one passport per bag but gosh didn't realise there needs to be a gap of 2 mths before being able to get another. :sad:
  14. Gosh! I am praying that I will get my med caviar( most likely black) when my husband travels there. I am looking for SHW but my friend says grab either hardware if they have stock for size I'm looking for. Lol. I prefer silver but would not mind gold as well. Both looks nice. Hee.
    I'd like to confirm with you, we can purchase only one per passport, but if item is different can we still purchase under that same passport? Read somewhere that u can buy but it can only be one for each type. Thnx a lot! Glad you finally got all your goodies! It is indeed hard to get some of the items! Even in Milan just early this month, GST was in and out in a day or two! :-0
  15. Hi jdmf,

    Thanks for the info!

    Oh no, now i'm torn between black & red jumbo!
    Heard this year's red is really nice!

    I'll be arriving rome on 7th but I can only purchase the bag on 16th Aug!
    As 10-16th Aug, I'll be backpacking to the South of Italy~

    Gawd, hopefully they hav. If not, maybe maxi? Hmmm :push: