Chanel in Paris

  1. Hi gals! I know LV is priced approximately $50-150 less in Paris than in the US but does anyone know about price differences for Chanel????:shrugs:
  2. i've heard that it was cheaper also, but i dont know for how much.. i would love to know from someone though.
  3. Okie..just bght mine jumbo classic flap..caviar for Euro 1650 retail (taking away the tax...abt 1480 Euro) compared to US px (can't confirmed if it is US $1995)...with exchange rate...i think u should be able to work it out...

    Btw..Paris & Singapore , I saved abt US$560
  4. I just bought a reporter cotton club it is 21xx euro (and you can do tax refund) . i am not sure US price.
  5. great thread i want to know too
  6. The US price for the jumbo classic flap is $2250, I believe...1480 Euro translates to about $1947 USD, making the savings about $300 or so. Not too shabby!
  7. I bought a Chanel in Paris in all depends on how much the dollar/euro are worth too...which changes all the time.I saved a couple hundred dollars on my Chanel.You definately save money
  8. does any1 know about the uk/paris difference?i wanna get a couple of chanels, would it be worth hopping on the eurostar?
  9. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! :nuts:

    Jill, how did you find the selection in Paris compared to North America? I imagine it to be amazing...was it??? :girlsigh:
  10. I have wondered about this for awhile, so glad to see this thread! Thanks~~~
  11. Okay, who is going to volunteer to go to Paris with our shopping lists?
  12. Me too! I just made a similar thread. And a couple HUNDRED dollars is great savings!
  13. I bought a perforated timeless clutch in Paris for 980 euros. They are selling the same one in the States for $1125. HTH.
  14. I'm going to Paris and staying literally 2 blocks from the 31 Rue Cambon store last week of March, but my credit cards can't handle all your requests....let alone fuel my own desires.
  15. Even with the currency exchange rate, the bronze python with the tassle would have been equivalent to $2675 in Paris, but was $2995 w/o tax here in the States