Chanel in Paris or LA?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums and learning SO MUCH from you all so far! I was hoping some of you could give me a bit of advice on where I should purchase my next Chanel.

    Since my birthday is coming up next month, DH has already told me that my gift will be a new bag, so of course I've been perusing these forums and doing some research on styles and prices. Today, however, DH told me that since my birthday is so close to V-day and since we have a customer in France he would like to meet, it looks like we'll be going to spend a few days in Paris to celebrate as well!

    My question now is: should I purchase my bag here in the States or should I wait to go to Paris to buy it? I've heard that French brands are slightly less expensive in France, and there is also the VAT return. However, does anyone know if the weak dollar / strong euro will negate any discount there might be? Also, there is the added possibility that I will be going to Hong Kong shortly as well - are the prices there much different?

    Finally, if there is not much difference in price, where would I find the best selection of styles? I've heard Hong Kong gets a much different selection than the rest of the world.

    Please advise!

    Thank you all in advance for your help! :girlsigh:
  2. From what I saw in Paris last week, they didn't have many to choose from. What kind of bag are you looking for? While they were not so well stocked in more colorful fun category, they did have all the classics. So if you're looking for something like GST or medium or jumbo flap, Paris would suit you better. However, the colors were limited, as in only black and white for most shops.

    My SA told me they are going to have all these yummy colors coming in around March though... But I wonder if they would actually be in the stores by the time you get there. I had a feeling these colorful selections get snatched up right away as they come out.
  3. I would also like to know if the classic flaps would be cheaper in Paris. Thank you!
  4. While it wasn't a whole lot, due to current exchange rate, it was indeed cheaper in Paris than US. I think a medium size lambskin flap was around somewhere around $2000 after tax refund.
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  6. I would double check the current exchange rate and what your credit card would charge for the conversion. A quick phone call to them and they should know the current rate they would give you. Consider the VAT refund you would get at the airport when leaving and the exchange rate to figure your bottom line price in Europe. It sounds like you'll get a better deal there but might not have as much selection. If you have an idea what you want, call ahead and put it on hold!
  7. Nanami, Sheytoon, Pursenboots - Thanks so much for your input!

    I'm probably looking to get a classic, perhaps a GST in black with silver hardware (which for some reason is really hard to find here these days!) so maybe Paris would be a better place to get it. At the very least, I guess it would make a nice souvenior to remember the trip by! :smile:

    Does anyone know anything about prices in Asia, notably Taiwan or HK?
  8. HK has similiar prices to the US. I believe its more expensive in Taiwan
  9. I was in paris this past october, and yes, the prices are a little cheaper there, especially with the tax refund but there wasn't too much selection. I know they didn't have any white bags at the flagship store at all.
    Something classic like the black gst should be ok to find, check the flagship store and then also the one on champs elysees.
    I would definitely try to get it in paris instead and save a couple hundred and plus, it's always great to have a chanel bag purchased from paris itself! good luck!!
  10. Thanks msjenn - I think a couple hundred bucks saved is a couple hundred bucks! :tup: