Chanel in NYC: 57th or Madison???

  1. I'm making a trip to New York next week, and was wondering about PFers' opinions on the two major Chanel boutiques (15 East 57th Street and 737 Madison Avenue). Which one is your favorite for wide selection and good service?
  2. I'm not sure which store he's located at, but I recently worked with Branden. He's the best! His store's number is (212) 355 5050. Give them a call and find out where they're located and when he works. I highly recommend him!
  3. I go to the one on 57th and I also go to Chanel at Saks on 5th and 50th or 51st. Its not too far.
  4. I actually bought both of my Chanels at the store on Spring Street. It's a great area to shop. You should definitely check it out. The address is 139 Spring Street. The telephone number is (212) 334-0055.
  5. Depends where you'll be shopping, if you like shopping uptown then go to the 57th and if you like downtown go to the Spring Street. I personally like uptown better.
  6. Wicked, I actually met Branden in person a few weeks ago. He's a sweetheart. I practically lived at Chanel when I was visiting in Manhattan. Branden is at the Chanel on 57th - it's a great store. I didn't visit the Madison Avenue Chanel so I can't help. I did however visit the Chanel boutique inside of Saks on 5th and they were not helpful at all, quite rude actually, practically ignored you.:rant:
  7. So glad to hear he's as helpful in person as he is over the phone. Jill D.C.--go to the store on the 57th and see Branden!
  8. Yup, he also put me on the mailing list for the Chanel catalogs. What a sweetheart he is.:love:
  9. Thanks for all the advice PFers. I can't wait to shop!