Chanel in NY

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  1. can anyone tell me when is chanel going to go on sale at bloomies or saks? i'll be revisiting NY in early december... i want to plan ahead~
  2. Um, sale? Really?
  3. haha, LOL!! ;)
  4. December will probably be too late to catch Chanel on sale. Saks usually has our designer sale toward the end of November and it goes very fast. The things that go on sale are usually older bags, and they go no more than 30% off. Same thing with RTW. My advice is to call the store in NYC and talk to an SA about calling you when the sale hits.
  5. what about Woodbury? they have any good stuff?
  6. When I went there for the Labor Day weekend, the store is almost empty someone actually asked if they're going out of business soon. But I scored a very cute pink bracelet :biggrin:
  7. do they have a good selection of earrings?
  8. Woodbury has good sales, but never classics. They had some earrings when I went there for the Labor Day. Sale on accessories was up to 50%, bags up to 30%. I saw a lady getting a beauuuuuuuuutiful belt, not sure about the name of it, it was 50% off.

    As I<Coco said, Saks and Bloomies have sales on non classics twice a year, up to 30%. I'm not sure about the dates, I think summer and fall...
  9. I might have bumped into you then :P I bought a black satin belt for my sister, if it was what you saw? :smile: I'm loving the bracelet so much too!
  10. Do they have seasonal bags? How many did they have in display when you went? I'm thinking about taking a trip out there (not solely for Chanel, but it's one of the reasons) sometime soon...
  11. Saks sale happens toward the end of November. We don't know till last minute but as SA's we don't have much time to contact clients. Its best as a point of reference since it will be here before we know it, to have your CC info on file with your SA and that they have the best way to contact you (via text, cell phone, home phone) so that they can call you and ring it up if you give the OK. Start scouting mid-November. Shoes are a great thing to get (it will be mainly spring/summer shoes) and you can get some great deals on RTW too :smile:
  12. i'm visiting in early december... do u think they can mail to my frd's house if i pay through the fone? anyone has contact of a good SA?
  13. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and I also noticed that the price here are a bit higher than other states...wish I had a chance to visit the Woodbury...
    I'm so in love with the camellia series...
  14. The Chanel outlet at woodbury has closed ..

    I've gotten some really great pieces over the years from there :shucks:
  15. What???? it's closed??? What happened???
    I went to Chanel Honolulu today and saw some real nice bags....and I got a Chanel Coco rouge #4. :yahoo: