Chanel in Nordstrom, Mall of America

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  1. Hi ladies, does anyone know what's the current stock availability for quilted WOC, GST and also boy bags in Nordstrom, Mall of America? may I know the price for the above lovely bags in MN. TIA for the help! :smooch:
  2. Is the price tag of Chanel handbags in Mall of America, MN as the same
    as other part of states? Anyone idea? :search:
  3. help needed...
  4. I've never been to the Mall of America, but I'd guess that the stock ordered there would be pretty consistent with the stock in other Nordstrom stores (except since it's in MN I'd guess they get a lot more winter wear). I have no idea what their stock is like, but I'm sure if you called them they'd let you know. Prices for a quilted WOC are $1775 and a GST is $2900. The boy bags run around $3900 or so depending on size and decoration; some are over $15k. Hope this helps.
  5. Thank you so much tutushopper :hugs: your reply certainly given me some insight towards my decision making.
  6. You are quite welcome. When in doubt, call or email the store. Nordstrom is pretty good about working with customer service. Hope you find what you want. :smile:

  7. Mike Lam is an excellent Chanel SA at Nordstrom MOA, he will know current stock (and is always in the know about everything else Chanel) He is fabulous and completely beyond helpful; he makes Chanel even more fun if that is even possible, but he does! Here is his contact info:

    Email addy:

    952-883-2121 Ext. 1390
  8. Lovely! Oh million thanks to you LoveHandbags :smooch: I'm going to write to him now. Thank you once again for the contact. :woot:
  9. I will be going to moa during my son's spring break. I was wondering the same too! Thanks for the contact!