chanel in munich, germany?

  1. i'll be leaving for munich in couple of days- anyone know how the SA's are in munich? the one in paris was good..but then everything in paris is good.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. ya.. I've been there and there is one huge fab department store (more expencive than nemian marcus).. on the main street. They have a few nice designer shops mostly on maxmilian strase 20 including a chanel
  3. Thought I'd revive this thread instead of posting a new one.

    Has anyone been to the Chanel store in Munich recently? I'd like to know if it's large and reasonably stocked. I'm planning a trip to southern Germany end Aug / early Sept and was wondering if it's worth my while to drop by the Munich store. I'm hoping the Fall/Winter collection will be in by then.
  4. I have never been to munich store, but I assume it must be pretty big store as Munich is vey big city :smile: call them in advance to ask if you are looking for anything special.
  5. Hallo I was IN THE STORE IN Munich, it is pretty but very small and they haven't so many articles.ciao
  6. Viel Glück!
  7. Thank you for the info, bjorn and kimera79!

    I was hoping that it'd be a large store, but it seems like it's not. Maybe a side trip to Paris is in order, but I'm not really keen on the 7h train journey each way. :sad: