Chanel in Melbourne/Sydney

  1. Hi! Does anyone know current stocks at Chanel Melbourne/Sydney? And is Chanel in Australia also affected by the price increase? Thanks ^-^
  2. Last week i went to the sydney boutique,they only got black & camel for classic flaps, (i only look at the classic flap),
    the price for the medium lambskin i think is around AU$2990, and the caviar is AU$2790.
    Hope the information helps.
  3. Thanks. Actually I'm particularly interested in GST/PST. Have we ever received those in white here in Australia? I really want a white one :sad:
  4. I haven't seen white for a long time. good luck.
  5. I was at Sydney boutique today, only saw black GST with s/h and dark red and black PST
  6. Thanks, jupar ^-^ Is there by any chance you know the black PST is with silver/gold hardware?
  7. Sorry d3y3, I didn't pay much attention to the colour of the hardware, but you can always ring them up and ask:yes:
  8. I just went to Chanel Melbourne today and found that Australians are deprived of many designs. I was focusing on flaps, so the list would be dominated by flaps..

    Timeless clutch in white lambskin $1495
    They have the Black jumbo classic caviar flap with mademoiselle lock
    Black Medium lambskin flap $2980
    Black Small lambskin flap
    Beige Small caviar flap
    Beige Medium lambskin flap $2980
    Black mini lambskin flap
    Black lambskin E/W flap
  9. There is also a small kelly bag and a patent clutch which resembles a tiny reissue..

    Also, there are some bags, a large tote, a small hobo and a small tote which looks like they could have come from the le marais ligne, but the styles don't look familiar to me at all..

    Also, there are some totes with stitched quilting. (What line is this?)

    There are some cambon wallets and card holder.

    Anyway, my memory is so limited. That's all I remember..