CHANEL in MAUI- has anyone been there?

  1. I am going on vacation to Maui in a couple weeks! I have never been there- but of course I had to research and preplan my shopping! :smile: I am getting conflicting information off the internet- they say there is a CHANEL store in Whalers Village and other are saying it is in the Shops at Wailea...does anyone know? any info would be appreciated :smile:
  2. I had no idea they had a shop in Maui! I always thought they only had one here on Oahu. Have fun on your trip!
  3. Hi!

    I live on Maui and can tell you for sure there is no Chanel boutique in the Shops at Wailea... LV, Coach, Bottega, Gucci, Fendi... but no Chanel.. same for Whaler's village... I think there's only LV and Coach there...

    I'm pretty sure the Chanel site will confirm that they only have 2 locations in HI... Ala Moana Shopping Center and Waikiki....

    Good luck in your hunt!
  4. A few months ago I mentioned to a SA at Chanel Ala Moana that I would be traveling to Maui for work and asked whether there was a Chanel boutique there. I was told the only other Chanel boutique in Hawaii was in Waikiki...Sorry...

    Hope you enjoy your Maui vacation!
  5. there used to be one in Whaler's Village, it was at elast 4 years ago, it was upstairs.
  6. I was in Maui in June - no Chanel anywhere on that island. Bummer.
  7. i was there in june as well and i didn't see any chanel store.:hrmm:
  8. Bummer! Thanks so much guys- I am sure my boyfriend will be relieved- but I was hoping to be able to check it out- the ones in Waikiki are so wonderful! THANK YOU!