Chanel in Macau and Taipei

  1. How are the Chanel prices in Macau and Taipei compared to the US? Is there sales tax? How is the variety of stock and are the prices cheaper than the US? I am going to Asia for a few weeks starting Monday and wanted to see if it's worth shopping for Chanel there.
  2. in both macau and taiwan the prices are higher than us. it's a different region so the prices are different. i'm not sure about macau, but i know that in taiwan, you can get a tax refund at the airport if you show them your passport when you purchase a bag. i did this and got about 7% back. After getting the tax refund, the prices are pretty comparable to us.
  3. Hi kuk416, I believe the price in Macau is not much different from that in HK, given that HK currency is roughly 1 to 1 for Macau currency.
    IMHO, I think the prices of Chanel bags are not much different across the countries in the world (taking into account of taxes, etc.)