Chanel in London

  1. Going to start putting away £250 a month starting when I get back from NY (so first paycheck since then will be end of March)

    Just wondering how much a med/large flap is and how much a jumbo flap is? Also if you know any email addresses/phone numbers of Chanel stockists around the London area (lots!!) then that would be fab so I can call round and try track down my dream bag!

    Thanks girls!
  2. Hello and welcome my fellow Londoner! Please check out the Chanel shopping thread and under it if you go to Chanel UK club there are prices there and if you have anyothe questions about sizes, prices and store info I am sure all of the UK Chanel gals can help you.
  3. Hi Bebedrawl,

    The only concession outside of London that stocks Chanel at the moment, is Selfridges in Manchester. All other Chanels are in London - Bond Street, inside Harrods, and Selfridges etc.
  4. hiya and welcome bebedawl
  5. hihi - yup, check out Bond Street. Not sure of the prices tho....can't recall.....