Chanel in London or Europe PRICES please

  1. Hi, I'm a Chanel virgin (have been a Chloe, Balenciaga, etc...girl up 'til now), but I'm now really really wanting a Chanel, most likely a reissue 227 :love: (black or metallic black, if I can find one).

    I would love to find out prices for the reissue 227 & 228, the jumbo classic in caviar and patent.

    Does anyone know the prices of them in Europe, in particular London? (any other European cities welcome, in case my sisters visit these cities (they currently live in London, whereas I'm in Australia)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I went to Chanel in Selfridges Manchester and saw the 227 reissue in black distressed calfskin. It was £1195. This will be the same price for Chanel in Selfridges London. Hope this helps.
  3. the jumbo classic flap in caviar is £925 in London
  4. There is a UK Club thread in shopping, if you arre interested in other bags later on once you delve deeper into Chanel :smile:
  5. Thanks girls! :ty:

    That sounds cheaper than here, and I'd get 15% VAT back (I think...

    Honeybunch did you see the reissue a while ago or recently? Thanks again!

    I wonder what other colours are available in London :shame: (although I think black is the way to go for the first Chanel...
  6. Sorry, my mistake, it was the 226 size I saw.
  7. I saw the reissue last week!
  8. I think you may be mistaken because I bought the medium in caviar for £1120 last month before i exchanged for the lamb. Therefore the jumbo would be even more than this.
  9. Thanks again Honeybunch! I was in Selfridges in London in August, didn't even occur to me then to look at Chanel :noggin:
    AND I was in Chanel Paris also...*sigh* so silly of me! I didn't know about sizes then...
  10. No problem! In Chanel at Selfridges Manchester they had a couple of metallics - gold and silver I think - in the reissues.
  11. The jumbo in caviar was 1170GBP but I'm not sure if this has increased this month. The 227 reissue is 1300GBP.
  12. I wonder if there's a bigger range in the Chanel store itself, is it on Sloane Street? My sister works at Burberry's headquarters...may ask her to check it out :idea: I doubt the price would be different though, right?
  13. Sorry .. i got the answers above !
  14. PS. What does distressed calfskin look like? Is it a delicate leather?
  15. Chanel gal I think you must be mistaken as beforee price increase they were 1200 - so if you seen one at that price then someone should snap it up as that must be the bargain of the century for a jumbo!