Chanel in London/Italy

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  1. Just our of curiousity, how would one find out the pricing and availability of items at Chanel Heathrow. My father will be traveling in a few weeks and I'm considering asking him to pick me up a wallet.

    Also, are the prices at Heathrow better than any of the boutiques in Italy (that is where he is going)?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. I was at Heathrow 2 days ago. Their stocks seemed to be pretty good. I reckon it would be cheaper in euros due to the exchange rate. But I guess it boils down to which currency is more favourable for u. U'll need to claim VAT if u are purchasing in Italy and there is the possibility of long queues while it's tax free at Heathrow. I guess Heathrow can be ur back-up plan?
  3. I did my research and mostly items at Chanel heathrow seems 25% lesser than boutiques in London. So maybe compared to Italy aso shud be cheaper