Chanel in LA

  1. Does anyone know if there's a Chanel gst in black carviar and silver hardware available?

    My SO is going on a business trip in California soon and I wanted him to pick it up for me since Canada won't be getting this style anytime soon. I hoping that I can pay for it over the phone and get my SO to go in there and show them the cc and sign for it.

    Even if you don't know, if anyone knows of a great SA to refer me to, I'll call her/him myself.

    TIA, Lovely ladies.

  2. Dear Ms. Cindy:

    You can give NM in New Port Beach a call tomorrow as I've seen tons of inventory today, but I can't recall which color and size they have?!

    You can call Cynthia at 949-759-1900. She is EXTREMELY nice and PATIENT!!!

    Good Luck,
  3. MORGANNG: Thank you, I definitely give her a call...

    Keep them coming ladies, if they don't have it NM in New Port Beach, I'm on a mission and I won't give up until I have a caviar gst w/ silver hardware in my hot little hands!!!!