Chanel in Indonesia

  1. Does anyone know the price of maxi patent in Chanel Boutique in Indonesia? what about reseller price?

    I wonder there are thread for Chanel lover in Malaysia and Singapore, why not Indonesia. :biggrin:
  2. Agreed! Though I don't technically live there anymore, but I would love to join the club if there is one :balloon:
  3. yeah...let's start one.

    Sorry i dunno the price for maxi.
  4. same here :biggrin:

    I wonder how many are Tpf members
  5. Hi! The price of maxi in Jakarta should be around 45 million rupiah (US$5000) if I am not mistaken at the chanel boutique. I know for sure that the jumbo patent double flap is 41.5 mil rups. From the resellers, you should expect for around 38 to 39 mil rups for a maxi patent double flap :smile:
  6. Thanks for the info :biggrin:

    Do u know any reputable reseller that has store in Jakarta? I'm going there next wk:yahoo:
  7. Hmm most resellers in Jakarta do not own a store. Either you meet them at your house, their house, or at shopping malls or cafe. If you are looking for newer collection, I can recommend some reputable sellers which I know personally. But I think most resellers here are 'hunting' bags in Europe at the moment...
  8. is the maxi @ 45 jt? wow, the same price as 2.55. 2.55 (large) is 45 jt.
  9. is 45jt for maxi single flap or double flap?

    oh and how many chanel boutique are there in jakarta? I haven't been back for a while :p
  10. Isn't scary you bring a lot of $ to meet them in their house? or u check the bag first and then transfer the $?
    Sorry totally clueless on how things work there :biggrin:

    Btw, is it "hunting" season now? :biggrin: any sales or something in Europe?
  11. Hmm you don't bring cash as most accept transfer. Now is holiday season and for Indonesian it is time to leave Jakarta :smile:
    There is only one chanel boutique in Jakarta, that is in Grand Indonesia. And yes the price of 2.55 large should be around there
  12. Hi Indonesian! I'm wondering whether the price in Indo is cheaper than Singapore? Because my father is going Jakarta and I wanna ask him to get me from there. IF it's cheaper than Singapore. If you get what I mean.. TIA.
  13. It is cheaper in SG esp if you can take the GST refund. The price difference is almost SGD 600 for maxi with tax refund. But the good thing is that you will most likely find what you are looking for compared to SG
  14. How much is a WOC in Jakarta now? Is it cheaper than SG prices? Currently a WOC in Singapore is about S$2,400 plus.

    If it is cheaper, may get my dad to buy for me as he is working in Jakarta. Btw, I'm a singaporean, so I dun qualify for tax refund for SG boutiques.

  15. its 17mio(about sgd2200) for reseller price, idk if chanel boutique here carry WOC...but im pretty sure the price in boutique will be more expensive than the reseller's price...;)
    i have this one idea , actually you can ask your indonesian friend to collect the tax for you :p
    some of my friends doing this trick :p just my opinion :p