Chanel in HK

  1. does anyone know where the best place in Hong Kong to shop for chanel? i'm going there for a holiday and want to take advantage of the no tax...:yahoo:

    is it really cheaper though? :shrugs: heehee.
  2. Go to Chanel @ Prince Building, it was newly remodeled, the SA Suly is just lovely. The price in HK is actually higher than in the US, but because there's no sales tax in HK, it ends up getting cheaper than in the US.
  3. Hi wellcome to Hong Kong. Give you reference, the small multi pocket reporterbag are sold HK$20000. You can compare with this price. If you don't mind buy second hand chanel bag. There are so many second hand bag shop at Causeway Bay at Russell street. You also can go to "The Lee Garden" at Causeway Bay where there are Chanel shop here. Hope help you.
  4. oooo! thank you both!! heehe. i'm so excited to be visiting HK again~ i love the shopping and the GLORIOUS food!

    Now i'll have to find out how much the same bag costs in NY. heehee. :P