Chanel in Dubai

  1. Hi. My sis in law is going to Dubai soon and I would like to ask her to check out the chanel bags. Anyone of you know if the prices in Dubai for chanel bags could be cheaper? and whether there is any VAT refund? Any advice appreciated. Thanks so much.
  2. They dont charge VAT and the prices are the same as anywhere else internationally...although I feel that you find a lesser variety or selection as the bags are snapped up within hours after display.
  3. Hi Chanelobessed..Thanks so much. Appreciate the infor!
  4. I am heading to Dubai in a little over a week and was wondering whether it was worthwhile shopping for Chanel while I was there? What is their range like and are the prices reasonable? Is there more than one Chanel store - which is the best place to go etc. I am really green when it comes to Dubai as I have never been there before.

  5. I have heard that the prices in Dubai are pretty much the same as at home. It's better to know the prices in your country and the particular model you like then you can compare the prices there. If the prices are lower there then you just buy it there.
  6. I find Dubai great for all shopping :nuts:
    All the biggest malls have a Chanel (at least three of them if I remember correctly), so head to Wafi City, Hamaran centre or Burjuman. I think the store in Wafi City is the best, with nice amount of bags, accessories and fashion. For an european, the prices there were cheaper.
  7. Thanks for your replies. I live in a state in Aust that doesn't have a Chanel store so it is difficult to get an idea of pricing and range (the SA's interstate aren't very helpful on the phone when making enquiries). I hope I have enough time to check out several different stores.
  8. wow cheaper than Europe?
  9. Hi... I need urgent help from any Emirati to locate me the chanel store and contact no. I'm flying next month, so my pit stop will be Dxb.
    Please enable me to get my first timeless clutch! :shame:
  10. You can always check Chanel's website, all the boutiques worldwide are listed there.
  11. hii

    well as i know there is two Chanel boutiques one of them is Wafi Mall and the second one in Burjuman Center
    both only have handbags,shoes,and other accessories..
    but Wafi also has a section for fine jewelery
    i'd suggest that you pay a visit to both boutiques since from my last visit to Dubai the one in Wafi had more collection than the one in Burjuman

    enjoy your trip ^.^
  12. you also have the Etoile boutique in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai that stocks Chanel as well as the boutique in Abu Dhabi but Dubai has a better selection..Enjoy your stay
  13. As they said, in Wafi city and Burjuman

    Wafi City boutique havs handbags, shoes, accessories, makeup and clothes.
    The other one has handbags, shoes and accessories only.

    You must visit both malls, they have a big collection of other brands.

    If you need any more help, just PM me ^_^
  14. Is there Chanel at Dubai airport?
  15. no Chanels in Dubai Airport... just came back from Dubai last month.
    The prices are much cheaper compare to USA and not forgetting it's tax free!
    I would prefer the Chanel boutique at Wafi City compare to Burjuman, Wafi has got much more range. But as the whole shopping mall, Burjuman is a better place with all other brands.

    Enjoy our stay in Dubai!