Chanel In Carry On Or Checked Luggage?

  1. I've decided to take my vintage white flap w/gold hardware to NYC over the holidays and discovered it can fit in my huge Tokidoki bag carry on so should I take it in there or trust it to the checked luggage?
  2. Airlines only cover about $2400 if they lose your luggage. No way I check my bags and shoes.
  3. Within a carrycase everytime!
  4. i ALWAYS bring mine on board with me, i would be too scared to check them in.
  5. I bought a Chanel flap in Scottsdale & did put it in my checked luggage, everything was fine but I totally trust Delta Airlines (shameless plug) but I don't think I'd trust anyone else.
  6. take it in your hand baggage just to be sure!
  7. Take it with you, i wouldn't check it in... I always take all of my valuables on my carry on, in case they lose my luggage... Have fun!!
  8. I'd take it on board. I wouldn't even consider packing that expensive of a bag in my checked luggage.
  9. i always put my handbags on carry on, especially if your not going to take out travel insurance.
  10. I agree, and would never check-in my Chanels.
  11. I have brought Chanels in my checked luggage (wedding/honeymoon) and everything was ok but I wouldn't take the chance again. Definitely carry it on if you can.
  12. I would never ever check my Chanels. Carry on.
  13. Personally I always carry anything valuable in my carry-on. For me, Chanel definitely qualifies! :p
  14. I checked in my shoes and my bags. I am too lazy to carry them. Very bad. :sweatdrop:
  15. Do not check them!!! I would be sooo scared!