Chanel in Canada

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  1. Lemme know if any Canadian ladies or gents happen upon this!


    Oops S/H...not S/S *goof*
  2. I hope you can find this. It is such a pretty bag!
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    I saw this thread in the LV forums and thought it would benefit all Canadian Chanel addicts.

    If you know of any prices please post them here and we can use it as a reference! :yes:

    Caviar GST
    Classic Colors $1825
    Seasonal $1925

    Caviar Med. Classic Flap

    Baby Animals Flap

    Baby Animals Necklace Small Pendant

    Baby Animals Bracelet

    Patent Reissue

    Cambon Medium Messenger

    Cambon Bowling Bag

    Cotton Club Large Tote

    Cotton Club Bowling Bag

    Perfo Med. Flap
  4. small flap 1625
    petite shopper (not PST) 1900
    small cambon tote either 1325 or 1375
  5. Great thread!! Thanks for posting these prices!! :nuts: :yes:
  6. luxury line flap bag $2375
  7. Lambskin wallet with chain strap (can be worn as shoulder or messenger style) $1325

    Small Resin Bangle with inscription ffrom Acte 2 $400

    Medallion Tote in Caviar $1950
  8. This is a very good thread !!:yahoo:
    I've wanted to know the prices for awhile since I was thinking about asking for one for this coming up Christmas.
  9. Although I can't contribute anything useful, great thread! Thanks!
  10. Hi,

    I love GST with sivler h/w, and i went to Chanel in Holt Renfrew to check it out. However, one SA told me they GST never goes with silver, only with gold! So do you guys may have an idea where can i get one in Canada?
  11. i asked several both at HOlts as well as in the chanel boutique and they are absolutely clueless
  12. yeah...I hate that
  13. I was wondering about it too - I totally love the silver HW one. If any of you ladies find out, please PM me or update the thread!
  14. no problem:biggrin: I will check with my SA again this weekend and i ll let you know
  15. I was told there was only G/H in both the black and beige left. S/H is my preference on the GST too!