Chanel in Barcelona

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  1. Am about to make a trip there. Has anyone shopped Chanel in Barcelona? Is it cheaper compared to the US? I'm thinking of getting the small classic flap in lambskin, and possibly the diamond tote.
  2. If you are from the US, I'm pretty sure that the bags are not cheaper in the US because the dollar to euro exchange rate is not good. Also, the VAT is 16% - 17% - and you do not get all of it refunded. I bought something at LV in barcelona this summer. The company that refunds the VAT for LV only refunds 10% - the rest is a "service charge" and I don't think I ever got my 10% refund!
  3. Thanks for your response, cougess.

    Hmmm, that sucks, not even getting the 10% back :sad: I assume you did get the form stamped at airport customs.

    Is the Barcelona Chanel shop well stocked though? Do they have pieces we don't get here? Did you have a good shopping experience?
  4. ^ yes, I had my form stamped at the airport and mailed it in also. I did not go into the chanel boutique, only LV, but they are within a block of each other.
  5. Hi. Im going to Barcelona in december and would like to look for a pre-loved/pre-owned/vintage Chanel bag.

    Does anyone know good vintage stores/consignment stores where they have authentic Chanel in Barcelona?

  6. I wish I could help you here but even though I've been to Barcelona numerous times, months at the time I can't think of one single store that would carry vintage Chanel.
  7. Can anyone tell me what do they have in the shop now? I am flying there tonight? Any recommended sales associate? Contact number? I am looking at reissue or jumbo but not in black.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a Chanel in Barcelona airport? I am planning on going in may and would want to be ready for shopping.

    How are prices in Spain compared to France or Italy ?
  9. Yes, pls can anybody tell us? Am going in April and would appreciate any info - Tia. :smile:
  10. There's only one boutique in Barcelona, on Passeig Gràcia. London Heathrow is the only airport with Chanel boutique in Europe. Passeig Gràcia boutique is small but SAs are much nicer than ones from certain European boutiques. Price, I think it was either the same as France/Italy or not much different.
  11. Thank you so much. Anyone have a SA they work with in Barcelona? Contact information?
  12. Thanks for the info :smile:
  13. i recently purchased a bag in Barcelona and jenny helped me. she was very sweet and helpful.
  14. Hi all was just wondering if any of you have been to the Chanel in barcelona?
    I will be heading that way in October and was wondering if there's much selection there (in terms of purses)? I did a quick search on the forum but only found two threads without much info.

    Also was just wondering how overall brand name (LV, Hermes, etc) is in Barcelona? Is Madrid better? Thanks in advance for help!
  15. Hi Alex,

    Funny to see your post since I just came back from Barcelona with a new Chanel yesterday! I bought a M/L in the 2012 spring color called rose fonce. It was not planned at all. I walked by the store window and saw a display of M/l sizes and decided to walk in and see what they have. Mine is in the patent leather. The price was 3100 euros. Now, I charged my credit card in euros, and saw that it's $4128 US dollars. Now the best part was I got the VAT tax back. I got cash back while in Barcelona, and got back 379 Euros, which is about 500 US dollars. Depending on which card you use, mine was MasterCard and they charged about $120 foreign transaction fee, so plus the $4128 it's about $4250 total for the bag. Then minus the 500 I saved from tax free, I paid aout $3628 at the end for a M/L classic flap. I'm very happy and was surprised at the difference in price. They did have many colors and options of sizes in the classic line to choose from. Hope this helps you a bit.

    Barcelona is a great city to visit too!
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