Chanel in Bangkok

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  1. Hey all, I just came back from Bangkok and the new airport is wonderful for shopping. The Chanel boutique was well stocked. The following is what I can recall that was available:
    - Lots of bags and wallets from the Cambon range (apparently Europe transferred balance stocks to that outlet)
    - Luxury bowler in patent black and gold
    - Caviar timeless clutch in black
    - Classic flaps in white and black lambskin w/ modern chain
    - PST and GST
    - Madison flap
    - Lots of accessories i.e cc crystal earrings, pearl strand necklace

    That's all I can recall so to anyone who's passing through.. don't forget to check out the Chanel in the Bangkok airport :smile:
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  2. My girlfriends and I have decided to take an impromtu weekend break to Bangkok and I'm so excited about the prospect of hunting down some Chanel bags and accessories over there. I'm always so disappointed trying to hunt down bags in Singapore - they don't bring in that many bags, and the bags always have a looooong waiting list. Hopefully things would be better in Bangkok.

    Anyone can help to comment on the stock and shopping at Chanel Bangkok? TIA!
  3. I don't know their stocks, but there are quite big botiques there. I was there last December.
    One at "The emporium", one at the "Siam Paragon" and one at the Airport

    I believe you can find pretty much there ( check the CHANEL homepage, there're some detail of what each boutique has)
  4. Hi, I just came back from Bangkok 2 weekends ago and posted a thread on what was available in the outlet in the new airport. They had the bowlers in patent blue, gold, black, timeless clutch in red caviar, madison, classic flaps in white and black caviar, cambon range which they received from Europe. This is what I can recall now. Have fun in Bangkok... :yes:
  5. Thanks! Am excited!
  6. from what I saw they have a lot of stock in siam paragon. Enjoy
  7. Is it cheaper buying a Chanel in the airport or something? Or just tax free?
  8. It was apparently tax free when I asked the SA but it still wasn't any cheaper compared to Malaysia and Singapore.

    Anyway I'll be heading to Bangkok again this weekend so will check out the store once more.
  9. Just got back from weekend in Bangkok and took a look at both the Siam Paragon and airport Chanels.

    Siam Paragon - There were some classic flaps (medium) with bijoux chains in black and white. They also had a black classic flap (medium) with mm lock in both the lambskin and washed caviar leather. Those were kept at the back and they brought it out only when I asked about it. Strangely, when I asked about the jumbo flaps, they told me that the jumbo size has been discontinued. (Right, they could have just said they they didn't bring jumbo flaps in instead of lying about that.) They also had the sharpey tote in black and the bubble quilt tote (can't remember what color) and several Paris-Biarritz bags. Several cambons and PSTs. They had GST in beige only.

    Airport - Classic flap (medium and jumbo) in white with the bijoux chain. Classic flap with mm lock in black and cognac color. They also had the rock flap bags (black, and can't remember if they had the red ), expandable flap in black and the pocket bags. Quite a few Paris Biarritz bags and PSTs. The SA (kate) was really good though. When I asked about the jumbo size classic flap with mm lock, she admitted that they didn't bring it in, but she could have the bag transferred from HK or Singapore if they had the bag. She also took my email and number just in case they do receive the bag.
  10. Anyone have current stock info? My DH is currently in Bangkok for a week. Im especially interested in the PST & GST, Jumbo Flap in Black Caviar. Prices would be great too. Thanks!
  11. That sounds DH will be goin to Bangkok in Jan, will get him to look out for nice bags there!!
  12. Hello Ladies

    I'll be going to Bangkok over the Xmas hols and was wondering what the stock and prices are like over there? I'll be staying at the Intercontinental Hotel which I hear is close to Siam Paragon.

    Also, is the airport well-stocked and are the prices cheaper than downtown Bangkok? I would really, really appreciate the help of the local tPFers from Bangkok.

  13. Hi there,

    Though I'm living in Canada, I'm originally from Bangkok. The store in the airport is very well stocked. The price is cheaper than those in downtown as there's no tax. But as a tourist, you can actually refund the tax if you buy ones from downtown. It wouldn't be different. It only saves your time for the tax refund process.

    There's one Chanel in Siam Paragon and another one in Emporium Shopping Complex. You can just take skytrain (they call it BTS) from Siam BTS station (right outside Siam Paragon) and go to Prompong Station. The Emporium is right at Prompong Station. It only takes about 10 minutes.

    Have fun shopping there. Siam Paragon is a heaven for brands lovers!!!
  14. Hi Alyce
    Thanks so much for the information. I hope I can find some nice things there.
  15. I was in Bangkok last week. The airport is better stock than the Siam Paragon. ( I saw the Ice Cube Bag and the Melrose Satin in the Airport. ) As to the price, Hong Kong is cheaper than Bangkok. I don't know the price comparison with US , but since the Dollar has been quite weak, I guess it will cheaper to buy in the US.