Chanel in Argentina?


Nov 4, 2006
Does anyone know if Chanel has a store in Argentina? My father in law went there a few years ago and absolutely loved it. He said Bueno Aires is like Paris, except much cheaper! The dollar is still pretty strong so it's a travel bargin. Anyway, he's been urging us to go so we might. I'm thinking I could pick up a few Chanel items at a good price, but do you know if Chanel adjust their pricing accordingly?


Oct 25, 2007
The dollar is strong against the Argentine peso, but most high end brands quote prices in US dollars and the price i the same as in the states. I didn't see a chanel store, but I did go in the Hermes and LV boutiques and the prices were exactly the same as the states.


May 8, 2006
I didn't see any Chanel. The real deals seemed to be in Men's suits! DH scored beautiful Christian Dior suits for the price of t-shirts at the Gap (practically!!!). I think he got them for around $200 USD (including tailoring).
This was a couple of years ago when the dollar was stronger.

The REAL fashion bargains were the Argentinian designers- which are amazing and often carried at Barneys. I was there for a wedding and my friend (the bride) is originally from BA so she showed me around all the best designers. WOW! I got beautiful stuff for peanuts!!! She also knew of shops that custom make loafers ($25!!!) that are just like (better) Tod's. There is also a very well known leather brand called Prune (pronounced pru-nay) that has lovely bags and jackets for great prices! There are malls (I think the best one is called Bulle Marche or something like that) and great shopping districts.

So, no Chanel that I remember but well worth a shopping tour!!! Also- the sizes are very very small there, I am a US 8 or 10 and I am 5'10" and I had a very difficult time finding anything large enough for me!