Chanel in a chanel?

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  1. Quick question-new to Chanel. Saw an ad of a woman with a black chanel back with a gray chanel bag inside attched which their gorgeous chain of course. Anyone know the nake or where I can get one? I need it lol.
  2. I think you are talking about the The Portobello tote.
    Do a search on this forum with this word, you'll get tonnes of threads on this.
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    I have been researching the bag before I go to chanel to buy it, but some pics, like Lindsay Lohans show no lock between the two C's. Other show a knobby lock between the two chanel c's. Which is legit?
    Im sure Lindays is real, but I want to be fully knowledgeable before I go to Chanel and purchase the bag.

    Thanks for all your help!!!!
  4. The bag came in 3 sizes, I think the locks and the handles were different between the sizes. There is a newer version coming for SS09 which I believe has a zippered top.
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    The large portobello and the small one have the flap (with the the cc lock as closure) and the medium one has the camera bag closure (zipper closure) as far as I know. Lindsay has the medium one.

    Edit: Attached pics

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  6. Only the small and large sizes have the flap bag inside, which comes in grey.
    Lindsay's medium portobello only comes in black/black and beige/black, which is a zipper top.
  7. o i been looking for a flap top (the small one) and cant find it anywhere
    so does any of you girls seen one?
    i love the black and grey so either one would work for me!
  8. So Im not carzy that the cc logi on front doesn infact have a lock and doesn not looklike this. This is the way I like the bag looking the lock! Is the lock hidden? before I invest I want to know.
    Any words of advise. Maybe my think skull isnt sinking in to this. Chanel is a bit of a haul into the city from me and my job severely limits my time to head down there. Any help is greatly advised. Does anyone have any pics of thei Chanel Portobellos that I can bring withme to show the saleswoman so she doesnt look at me like I have three heads lol.
  9. All I know is Lindsay Lohan is gonna be broke, bRoKe, BROKE in a year or two. She doesn't work, can't keep a job when she does get work, and can't stop shopping at Chanel all the time. The girl is gonna be standing on a corner trying to get "work" to buy a new bag sometime soon.
  10. ^oh dear
  11. ^ hahahah so the portobello comes in with HWs also?? or only gold?
  12. Good to know who will be in line next to me! :P LOL!

    Seriously just Chanel is worth "that kind of work".