Chanel icon necklace...opinions?

  1. I just bought this the other day from Chanel but I wasnt sure....I think its super cute...what do you girls think???

    (took pic off eBay)


  2. i agree--very pretty!:love:
  3. How much is retail for the necklace?? its cute!
  4. It's so classic but not my style.
  5. It is super cute. Never seen it on though. Modeling pics please?
  6. I love that necklace. I wanted a super long version of it but was sold out.
  7. cute, but so not me LOL
    if it's super long, that would be for me ha ha ah
  8. that is soo cute and classic!! i love that it can go with alot of things and look beautiful, congrats!
  9. I :heart: it. I have one - really long version. I think it's fabulous.
  10. Ohhh do you have a pic of the long version Mon? yah, I had kinda wished this one was a tad longer...

    This was 385 USD much was the longer one?
  11. The longer one was like $1,200.

    Sorry the pic is so HUGE.

  12. Here it is tripled.

  13. so cute, anything chanel is lovely.
  14. wow thats super cute...but i know i wouldnt have dished 1200 for it =X trying to save up for those chanel RTW pieces when they go on sale (IF they go on sale) LOL

    Do you wear yours often?

    I dont have any modeling pics as Ive been sick as a dog lately but imagine mine goes along the collar bone of the mannequin in Mon's pic :smile: I think mine is about 16 inches long?
  15. The short one is so cute and I LOVE the long one!