Chanel Ice Cube Flaps in London

  1. Just got back from London and they had the Ice Cube flap at the New Bond Street store and the store at Terminal 3 in Heathrow, just in case anyone is still looking.
  2. oh, am looking for that, how much is it there? Unfortunatley, im not anywhere near London...
  3. price please?
  4. bond was closed when i went by and didn't have time to stop in at heathrow. prices should be comparable to US prices. the pound sterling has come down a little the last week.
  5. It's 850 GBP. Sloan st. , and Selfridges also got it.
  6. ?????? sorry but what does it looks like?????

  7. Here is a pic of mine (it should be arriving by this weekend) Its such a great size. In between a classic large and jumbo.
  8. wow Luccibag-- that pic of ice cubes got me really wanting this bag...
  9. OHHHHHH very nice. thanks for the pic.
  10. Hi U.K.girls

    Will they have patent degrade coco cabas? Anyone knows?:yes:
  11. You're welcome!! Its my EGC even bag! It should arrive tomorow. I cant wait! Its classic meets BLING!
  12. thanks for sharing~~

    The ice cube flap is lovely!!
  13. Have seen this bag in Selfridges London, also.
  14. Does anyone know whether this ice cube flaps still available in the us?? thankss...