Chanel: I won the bid but now I think it's fake

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  1. I think this purse was mentioned in the Authenticate this thread in the Chanel forum - go check it out there. I believe the consensus was that this is a fake.
  2. Thanks - I just read the posting WHAT DO I DO now??? I definitely can't buy it now as it's fake, can I just leave it or just tell the seller that I suspect its authenticity?? Should I report it to eBay? HELP!!
  3. I would risk a negative and email the seller explain and pull out if you havent paid yet. It sucks but I would think it is pretty much unavoidable once the auction has ended.
  4. Look at the circle surrounding the doube CC logo above the number 84 its lower and not consistent with the one next to it, I would say this item is fake and you can report it under the my eBay tab.
  5. I posted this in the Chanel authentication thread, but I would just contact the seller and tell them that you had the auction authenticated and that it was determined that she is selling a fake bag and that you have no intention of buying a fake.
  6. This happened to me once w/a Prada jacket. I simply contacted the seller and said that if there is any doubt whatsoever of authenticity that we should mutually end our transaction now instead of completing it and having me file not only with eBay and paypal but report the sellers counterfeit merchandise to the proper authorities. Guess what? They backed out instantly. Sellers of fakes can not risk it either and referring to the "authorities" seems to do the trick...good luck to you.
  7. This is an excellent idea. I just bought a Chloe on ebay that a couple of people here were not sure if it was authentic. I e-mailed the seller and told her if she wasn't 100% sure I would rather not go through with the transaction and that I was going to authenticate the bag when it arrived. She assured me she was 100% sure and I could authenticate it anywhere. See if your seller backs down. Then you will know for sure it's fake. Good luck. I really hope it's authentic.

  8. some great advice here, $870.00 is alot of money to spend on a fake.
  9. Yikes. Sorry you're going through this. The seller's feedback is pretty shady, too. Most of the feedback is by now-unregistered ebayers (likely fake accounts), and the listings are all private. Both red flags IMO.
  10. Well spotted Kore. And, long time, no see! How are you?
  11. You know thats happening to me too. I won an auction for authentic Louis Vuitton Leonor. 1250.00 I was about to paypal her when I got email from a member saying she had same bag and as watching auction and said bag was not authentic due to monogram on flap. she stated thats too much money to spend. I notified Ebay and they said they would look into it. Now I have seller emailing when i wrote her that same night telling her problem.I have emailed her several times about showing more proof of authenticity but its like she is not understanding. im terrified of negative feedback but what do I do?item #230102323992
  12. Good luck ^^
  13. Really old thread.
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