Chanel - I love you

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  1. First of all I would like to say hi, hello since I am new at this forum : )

    Anyways, so this is the thing. I have fallen in love with a Chanel Handbag. The name is: Chanel Classic BLack Quilted Leather Jumbo Tote Handbag XXL and can be found here:,1,4,4

    It's gorgeous, don't you agree?
    I am going to Barcelona for my vacation and as far as I know there is a Chanelstore there. It would be much appreciated if someone knows the price of this bah in store, or even better, been to Barcelona and seen the price on it there.

    Thanks in advance : )
    Hugs from Norway.
  2. Welcome to TPF!
  3. Thank you SO much! : )
  4. Hi and welcome! Yes, the GST is a gorgeous, classic bag. Lots of ladies here love their GST so you've come to the right place!
  5. I love this place already! I have been browsing alot of pages since I joined and I knew there's alot of pretty purses out there, but my God. This IS heaven ; )

    Thanks for the warm welcome, makes me enjoy this even more!