Chanel How I Love Thee

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  1. As if it were a person ...

    Well I own many bags, including about 6 chanels, but I decided that from now on ... that is all I am ever going to buy .... I am lucky to have a Fendi Spy, a Fendy Magic, a Balenciaga, a BV and a YSL Muse , and a couple of LVs... but the rest of the purses I bought were on impulse and not classics ... and I look at my Chanels and I can't imagine what possessed me to buy a purple Tod's or a Mulbertty or a Gaucho ...

    So that is is ... from now on it is 2-3 new Chanels a year ... and the only other brand I will ever buy when my husband and I make our first million will be a Kelly ....

    Since August I got three gorgeous Chanels including the Coco Cabas ... and I am really hooked ... I love my SA and that will be the saddest part of leaving HK ... leaving her behind ....the SA's in NYC at the boutique are just too snooty for me because I am a nobody there ... but I will go to Bloomies and Saks and NM and find a replacement SA ... if anyone has a recommendation ... please let me know !!!
  2. i have moments where i say i'm only going to buy chanel bags, but there are too many bags i love out there!

    good luck with your move to ny! i'm sure one of the gals here will have a great rec for a SA.
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