Chanel hot pink/bubblegum timeless classic flap

  1. Sooo...this along with the valentine heart chain and the paris charms (devil wears prada) necklace has been on my super hard to find but must have list for the longest time now...

    I know some girls advised that japanese consignment/resale stores or even japanese yahoo auctions sometimes have these harder to find bags but its so hard for me to read those translated pages and browse thru it all...

    if anyone has spotted this bag online or available somewhere please please let me know!!!

    Thanks soooooo much!!!:heart::love:

  2. gorgeous flap....will keep a lookout for u!
  3. I ADORE pink bags!!!
    ^That is too cute!
  4. ^^yes mee tooo!!!

    LOL, now if only i could make a thread about this saying "look what i just brought home..." instead for now its just on my wishlist...
  5. A pink chanel has been on my wishlist for the looonnngegesst time!! I realllly want one
  6. What a gorgeous pink! Good luck...I hope you find it!!
  7. That is so cute. I love the saturated color.
  8. ahhhh I really hope you find one. Its a gorgeous colour :biggrin:
  9. I had an opportunity to get this one in lambskin while I was in Barcelona September 07. I would have gotten it if it was caviar. The color is so vibrant and girly. It was certainly gorgeous!
  10. wishing that a hot pink chanel will come soon...

    here's a pic of my jumbo hot pink....sending you goodluck and wishes...:love:
  11. amour, where did you get that bag???
  12. Cory, hat's a fun hot pink all right. You'll need to find gum wrapper pins to mixed in with the CC pins to add to your new cardigan!!!
  13. Love the bubble gum, will definitely keep an eye out for you, Cory!
  14. oh man that pink is TDF!!!
    I'll definitley keep an eye out for you!!
  15. ^^ thanks everyone sooo much!!!

    im hoping one will come my way too!!!!