Chanel homme

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  1. Now that chanel has men's collections I am curious what you think of channel homme - and just curious does anyone know who the little boy is that is in all the chanel shows ? also I wonder one more thing if anyone knows when I watch any channel show from whenever it seems every channel show has at least one guy in it but that was before channel homme so was it just KL'S brand ?

  2. The little boy is Karl's Godson Hudson :smile:
  3. Chanel has produced menswear since at least 2005; every male model in a Chanel show is dressed in Chanel. Like the women's looks, however, not every piece is produced for retail.

    The boy is Hudson Kroenig; his father Brad has modeled for Chanel for years.
  4. The menswear looks are somewhat limited each season (Chanel's focus is primarily womenswear). There are some amazing mens jackets though that look so spectacular. I've attached in the link a picture of my man wearing an amazing jacket from Paris-Dallas :smile:

    He also wears some of the women's jackets as they can also be unisex
  5. With all due respect- your man looks HOT in his Chanel jacket!!
  6. Wow ! Thank you so much for educating me , I do not know much abut chanel however I am discovering it now ! I agree the jacket is amazing but I looked at the other men's stuff a lot of it seemed kind of bland / nothing special nothing is really wowing me other than a few items I like chanel makes some amazing stufff for women and really put on some awesome shows ( I love the airport theme they did) -

    P.S Thanks for the nothe on the kid in the show he is adorable and really curious , I thought perhaps his son but I did not know .
  7. wish there were more pieces that were in a men's line! I find it hard enough making pieces unisex :P
  8. Wow, your hubs looks great. There is no way my hubbie would even entertain wearing a woman's anything no matter how unisex it was! Lucky you....
  9. Thanks ladies for your kind comments! My partner has no qualms about wearing Chanel which is really cool :smile: It looks great on him when we find suitable pieces