Chanel Hidden Chain in Royal Blue!!

  1. Ok so there are a few pictures on popsugar of Kate Beckinsale with the larger version of the hidden chain from what I can tell...but it's in a BEAUTIFUL royal blue colour that i neverknew the bag came in. ANy info anyone can offer on this bag(if they've seen one anywhere!!??) or any better pictures I would be forever grateful!!!
  2. I have an update.*pic borrowed from the other thread*.
    The electric/royal blue hidden chain is available as part of s/s 08 ActII.
    Chanel,however,calls this royal blue 'dark blue' and the colour code is:84041.
    There's also 'dark navy blue' which obviously is darker and the colour code is:94015.
    I know Chanel boutiques in the US brought them in.My SA says "dark blue".They have the following style: A38254 (with zipper), A38259 (flap), A38260.
  3. thats actually pretty cute..
  4. I like it too.
  5. Me too! I think it is different than the ones from last fall...did those have the double C's on the bottom? It think the ones from last fall only had the C's on the zipper pull.
  6. Me three! although i would like it with the chain.
  7. Its beautiful!
  8. I saw it in bottle green last week. If they get electric blue.. I may just have to get one! My SA didn't know anything about it though, so we'll see.
  9. ^^^ Jenna, you are on a Chanel frenzy lately! (I will need to live vicariously through YOUR purchases, too. LOL) ;)

    Oo:huh:Oo... and I wasn't too much of a hidden chain fan, but I DO like it in the Royal Blue. Mhmmm :yes:
  10. Oh, wow that's gorgeous! That's the first Chanel I've seen that I've really loved. What other colors do these come in?
  11. oh i adore it! any idea of a price?
  12. I like it!
    Wonderful colour!!
  13. Just returned from Tysons --the last trunk show on the circuit. They had the flap in black. It's sooo soft but my *****in back thought the chain was heavy. I found myself really liking it. If I wasn't tormented by my back, I'd definitely have a case of the I wants on this purse. It's roomy, soft -- what's not to like -- oh yeah, the heft of that chain. (rats!!) I didn't look at the price, but maybe someone knows it and will post.
  14. i love the colour!
  15. it's so gorgeous! I just wish the chain wasn't, well, hidden! lol