Chanel Hermes style bag?!

  1. There are pics of Ashley Olsen with a big black Chanel bag with two small c's and it looks very much like a Birkin, just wondering if anyone knows what this bag is or if you can still get it? I have never seen it in a store!
  2. That is the cerf tote. I've had mine for a couple years so, I'm not sure what the current price is now. When I bought mine they came in black, brown, beige, pink, and ivory.
  3. Thanks! How much are they? Also do they do up? Like the Hermes and the Mulberry Bayswater which are similar have a flap does this have one or is it open? Was it limited edition or can you still get it and do you know what colours its available in now?
  4. I've had my Cerf for a couple of years in black with gold hardware and I love it!! To my knowledge, there were a couple of styles- one with a flap, one without, and in a couple of sizes. I can't remember the price- maybe somewhere around $1,800ish?
    Chanel Black Leather Cerf Bag.JPG
  5. wow... it's pretty! i would def. prefer this than the hermes.
  6. Thanks! It's been a great bag to have for both business and daily use.
  7. It's really lovely!
  8. What a beautiful bag--I didn't know the name of it, so I'm glad I read this thread!

    I hope you can find one!
  9. I have the same bag and I do carry my 12 inch Apple laptop in it and it also functions as a diaper bag. It has so many great pockets and is so durable and yet elegant for such a workhorse. I can't say enough about this bag! :yahoo:
  10. I forgot to add that mine was $1695 early last year and I have only seen it in brown since then (at Seattle Nordy's and the Boston Chanel boutique).
  11. GinaB- you're right, on the price- please forgive my original estimate of $1,800. I checked my receipt and I bought my Cerf in Paris two summers ago for 1,350euros, back when the euro and the dollar were almost even- a pretty good deal! (I also bought my Goyard St. Louis PM at the same time for only 440euros- a complete steal!!)

    When I was at Neimans yesterday, I looked for it, but didn't see it- however I remember seeing it a few months ago... :smile:
  12. I saw it at amercana manhasset mall in long island new york!!!
  13. Chanel Boutique in Chicago had a Black one and a Beige one today - both had the Gold CC lock :yes:

    the number is 312-787-5500 - Pamela is super nice there also!!
  14. Thank you for blog!Nice bag!
  15. :yahoo: :yahoo: