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  1. Hi Chanel Lovers...I need help. I have never owned a chanel bag before, I am a huge fan of Lv bags and feel I would like to try something new. The camborn collection in pink is currently being discontinued and they have a bag on sale for me. Should I go for it. I am concerned that the leather is so soft and smooth that it will not hold up well. What can you tell me about chanel??? any info would be greatly appreciated. New to the forum and trying to learn how to post question. Thanks Lisa
  2. <--------- I have cambon, love it and VERY durable!
  3. I am a brand "newbie" to Chanel also. I just purchase my very first yesterday. Since the leather is so soft, I decided to go for the medallion caviar tote. The leather seems to be a bit more durable. Several great Chanel girls suggested that as my first Chanel bag.
  4. I love the softness, but maybe since you're a newbie, you should try a caviar bag first. They are very easy to maintain. However, if you did get a cambon bag, they aren't hard to take care of. If anything were to happen, Chanel can make your bag look like new.
  5. which bag? The cambon line has different ones. . .
  6. If you're concerned about the Cambon line, go for the black. It's the easiest to care for. I have bags from that line in black, pink and beige and all are very easy to care for, IMO. But if you're just starting out, black is best. As for it holding up, it's lambskin and while it IS more delicate than cowhide, etc., it holds up amazingly well! It's not as fragile as it looks.
    Also, even though the pink is discontinued, there was still a decent supply of bags in that color, last time I heard.
  7. LVbabydoll i thought cambon was calfskin? i thought it was lambskin (cause it feels like it) but someone told me it is calfskin??
  8. Hi.

    I am a Newbie to both Chanel and the Purse Blog! I have many bags for use during the day, kind of missing a night bag - have a small Bottega Venetta clutch in gold. Now thinking Chanel 2.55 in black but is it always sold out? Buy from Chanel boutique or anywhere less costly?

  9. Welcome,:flowers:
    I think it would be better if you started your own thread and asked the ladies for help. Usually people answer to the person with the original thread and address her/his problem:yes: .

    As far as what you asked if you buy from a chanel boutique or department store the price is the same. A cheaper choice is the internet i.e. ebay but you need to be very careful in order to get an authentic one.

    Good luck!:smile:
  10. Thanks for the tips, Cyprus. Will start my own thread.
  11. Cambon is not lambskin.
  12. I could be wrong but my SA has always maintained that it's lambskin.