Chanel help....

  1. On a recent trip to Vegas, I saw a cute little chanel tote I wanted, but didn't get and I didn't get the name of. Just wondering if this sounds right chanel biarritz tote? If anyone has any info or pics of that bag, please let me know. I think the small size retails for about $1000. It looks like this one i saw here on eBay, only the smaller size, I am just not sure the name is correct. Thanks
  2. It's the Paris Biarritz. Do a search, you'll find LOTS of great threads and info on that ligne!
  3. its the P/B like Swanky says, its adorable, but the seller is charging waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy too much for it, I think the largest is $1475? (not the travel size, but the largest actual purse)