Chanel help!! 2 ?'s.... =)

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  1. Has anyone seen these in stores or does anyone happen to know the price of these shoes? I think they would be perfect for summer!
    PVC thong w/Chanel signature charm & camellia
    G26012 X01618 C3231

    Also, does anyone know if this bag is still in stores? Is this not the cambon pochette? I thought it was discontinued, so I was curious why it was still on their site?

    ZZ.jpg ZZZ.jpg
  2. The shoes are $345 I believe, but are sold out in lots of places
  3. I just bought those jellies at Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill. (So Cute!) I think Neimans and Saks also have them... although the sizes are limited. I'm pretty sure they are all taking orders for more.:smile:
  4. that color of Ligne Cambon was discontinued in the states as far as we know. That bag is still available in black/black patent for sure though.