CHANEL Heirlooms: post bags you received/ plan to pass on

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  1. I am a mom with a young daughter. My mom never took interest into handbags and I always imagined what it would be like if she did. What an amazing vintage collection I would have!

    I plan to pass my Chanels and other goodies to my daughter.

    I would love to see what you ladies may have received from your moms and which bags you plan on saving for your daughters.

    1. caviar light beige medium GHW
    2. caviar red jumbo SHW
    3. caviar white jumbo SHW

    I chose the 3 because they are caviars and most likely will survive my usage and still be lovely for her to use.

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  2. My mom was never into purses, so I never had anything passed on to me. She is still with us forturnately, and even when I buy her a Coach, she makes me return it because she thinks $200 for a purse is a ridiculous amount to spend. If she only knew how much my Chanel bags cost. LOL.

    I will pass everything to my only daughter. She gets it all. I told her that whatever bags she does not like, she can gift or sell. She loves Chanel.
  3. What a lovely idea. My mom has always bought cheap bags so I never had a collection of beautiful bags passed down to me and I don't have any daugther but I think it's a precious idea. I'm sure she will love whatever you give her.
  4. I am right there with you all on this. My mom is more a nature type of person...(people question if I am her real daughter- haha). Anyway, she is not into makeup, handbags, jewelry...that goodness my aunt was though. But not to the degree that she gave me any fabulous bags or jewelry.

    I don't have any daughters - but I envision my bags going to my brother's two daughters. Though I wonder if they will appreciate what they are - when that time comes (too young right now).:confused1:
  5. My mum is not into purses, so it's kinda strange when I started falling in love with designers' bags.

    I don't have any children yet, but yes, I do plan on passing my bags to my daughter(s) in future :smile:
  6. my mum had a classic jumbo from the early 90s, but gave it to her friend when i was 10 years old. i gues she never knew abt how its was able to be passed down. .. bummer.. i hate thinking abt it. but i have a vintage bag from my aunt... i think its a lovely everydsay bag but she's at the spa getting some treatment now. lol
  7. My mom is a Hermes, Chanel, and LV fan, so I'm sure being the only girl, I get first pick before my sister-in-law. I would love all her Hermes so I don't have to invest in many.

    Since both of my kids are boys, I guess they will all go to my future DIL.
  8. My mum will just use one bag until it falls to pieces. She was here recently and fell in love with a Ferragamo... but had the horrors at the price LOL!
    She would rather spend her money on travelling. And antique jewellery.

    She will divide the jewellery between me and my SIL (a whole other story, but I'm not happy about this...)

    Aaaanyway, my DD will get all my stuff - bags, jewellery, whatever.
  9. My mom is not into handbags (but she is into jewelry, lucky me!) but everytime I make a "big" handbag purchase, I tell my DH "this will be our DD's someday". He can't say "no" to her so I usually get what I! My DD will get all my stuff, I can only hope her taste is as good as mine... hee,hee!
  10. My parents both have less money than I do so, unfortunately, I won't be getting any such glamorous inheritances from either of them. *le sigh*
  11. I plan to pass on my pink Valentine Chain if I have a daughter.
    The others would be sold after I pass away to fund a family holiday.
  12. Unfortunately I do not have any daughter either. My only sister is not into Chanel either.

    However I devised this wonderful gift, whereby each of my girlfriends will be able to choose a purse from the collection. Anything that was left could be given to a good charity. I am sure my DH does not know what they are worth....
  13. My rationale for buying LV then, and chanel now, is that im collecting for my only daughter, who at 7 already has learned to appreciate the bags... actually a justification for spending so much on bags.
  14. I hope my daughter wont grow up to be so addicted into bags like me! I hope she grows up to be smarter with her money and invests them into funds rather than investing into the designer brands, lol!

    She will get ALL my bags, jewellery and RTW (which will probably be vintage by then). Whether she likes them or not :smile:
  15. I have two daughters, so I need to buy enough chanel to go around ... LOL!