Chanel Heart Link.....couple of questions ;0)

  1. Hi Chanel girls!
    Can anyone let me know which colors the Chanel :heart:heart:heart: link chain bag came in, when they were released and is e-bay the only place to find one??:confused1:
    Thanks a bunch!!;)

    Oh yeah, sizes they come in too:rolleyes: If ya have any pics would love to see them!:graucho:
  2. From what I know I think it came in light pink and a hot pink fuschia color. They are made from the lambskin leather and I think they came in the med/large and jumbo size. They pop up on eBay rarely and are hard to come by especially in good condition. So to answer your question, yes eBay is the only place to find one of these coveted bags, good luck and i hope I helped a little!
  3. you should do a topic search on the heart link bag. you will find lots of info on them and pics. :smile:
  4. from what i saw.. pink, red, fuschia
  5. I have seen a light purple mini one as well! I loathe the day I said I wasn't interested!! I want one sooo bad now! *cries*
  6. colors - fuschia, baby pink, and lavender

    sizes - small (evening bag), medium, and jumbo

    released spring '03

    Here are some very useful threads:

    And here's mine's
    *the bag is stuffed to hold it's shape so the flap isnt aligned with the bag, sorry
  7. I like the bag, but not that heart chain
  8. ^lol, that is what makes this bag so unique though!
    jen, i love seeing your light pink heart chain!

  9. :shrugs: Really? That is why I love the bag so much!:nuts:
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  13. I also have to add it comes in orange/red, basically the same colour as one of the heart links.