chanel heart chain

  1. hi there chanel lovers,

    does anyone have this bag? the heart chain ?it was a limited edition that was released 3 years ago for the valentines day :love:
    and until this day i regret not buying one:cry:
    so if u have it tell me where u got it from and please please post a picture:sad2:
  2. I did see one on ebay, but I believe it would have ended by now. It was also going over the retail price of the bag when I last looked
  3. Yeah I saw that one on ebay also- I was going to post it but forgot. I really like that bag also. Hopefully they do something similar again.

    Solitair, have you called and tried to locate the bag, you never know.
  4. that bag is sooo cute! i remember looking at it when it first came out, i thought it was too small for what i needed it for, but it is darling and i wish i would've gotten it then!
  5. yah.. i've seen it before.. very adorable! hopefully someone will see one on ebay that u can snag!
  6. michele

    really?how much was it going for?:weird:
    it was about $1800 when it first came out


    how can i do that???please helllllp:sad2:


    i ddidnt buy it cause the strap was just too long..
    regrets regrets:cry:


    i not a regulae at ebay, actually i dont know how to look there are so many things there:weird: . please let me know if u see something :smile:
  7. Wow, I didn't know the bag retailed for that much.

    I believe (its been about a week or two since I saw it) they had the bag as being originally priced for around 800.00 - I am wondering if they picked it up on sale or did not know the true cost of the bag. I think it was going for $1,000 last time I had looked, and it had a few days left on it
  8. I know how you feel! I loved this bag when it came out but didn't manage to find one - and now I regret not hunting harder for it! Good luck on your search.
  9. I think this bag is so rare to find an authentic one..try ebay as your best chance, but beware because I have seem fakes of this bag!! Im guessing real ones would be over retail since they are no longer available.
  10. Is this the bag you're talking about?
  11. Michele
    is it still there? or was it soldout?:weird:

    i feel even more horrible:cry: ( i had it in my hands twice and the SA was diying to sell it to me>>>>somebody shoot me:mad: )

    wow i love ur name and im crazy about the perfume ur named after:smile:
    i dont think i'll ever find it and if i did i think the price will go up th roof...thanx for coming :smile:

    no. the bag is a classic flap but the chain is made of coloured hearts linked only came out in hot pink and hot was magneficint:cry:
  12. If anyone has pics of this bag, I'd LOVE to see them...I'm not sure I know which bag this is.
  13. I just looked on ebay, its gone:sad:. I know exactly the bag you want so I will keep my eyes open - and if I spot it, I will PM you. I am always browsing the Chanel merchandise on ebay. I could tell by the bidding that it was a very wanted bag.

    If I find a picture, I will post
  14. Call the 800#, you can find it from the site or from an earlier thread.


  15. [​IMG]