Chanel Hawaii

  1. heyloooo! i'm flying to hawaii on friday and i was wondering if anyone knows what stock the hawaii store has at the moment....:nuts: hoping to get something nice when i'm over there.

  2. I think there might be 2 white Baby Cabas in HI. I called my SA (in Virginia) on Friday to see about getting a white Baby Cabas and she said there were 3 left in the system, all in Hawaii. I bought one, so unless the other 2 have been snapped up, they might still be there.
  3. Hi ladies, in case any of you were looking, i just returned a black metallic reissue in the 227/sumbo size to Chanel Hawaii - the Ala Moana boutique. Kris Nakamura is the SA 808-942-5555.

    As of about 5:30 pm PST it was in the store in case any of you want it. By the way, the price is a little higher in Hawaii, $2595 versus $2495 on the mainland!

    good luck, Trish
  4. I just got back from hawaii and it was super as usual, but I am so sad. I found the bag, an ultimate soft and they only had beige at both locations. At the Ala Moana they have two baby animal purses on sale and a gst in black with silver. In the other location they have the pocket in the city bags and other stuff as well. They also have these dark gray leather sneakers that are just for hawaii.
  5. hi! could you tell me how many chanel boutiques there are in hawaii (which island)? we might be going there and I'd love to swing by one!
  6. There are two in Honolulu - one on Kalakaua Ave and another in Ala Moana Shopping Center ;)
  7. ty!
  8. Is there anywhere else to purchase Chanel items besides Ala Moana & Waikiki Chanel Boutiques on Oahu? Also, is Nordstrom (opening in March) going to have Chanel items?
  9. I just learned that certain lines are slightly discounted in Hawaii as opposed to the mainland. Does anyone know if that's the case with Chanel as well? If so, I'm hitting the boutique!
  10. I thought they are more expensive in Hawaii?
  11. I am going to Hawaii in 3 weeks, for the first time. I am staying on Maui, but I want to take a day trip to go shop. I believe the Chanel store(s) are on Oahu? Is there one or two? Anyways...I sometimes hear that they get some fun exclusive items in Hawaii. Has anyone seen anything fun lately? Thanks in advance.
  12. I've been to two chanel stores in Oahu. There is one along Waikiki and another in Ala moana mall. Both stores have superb finds and SAs are very amiable. tax is just a little over 4% too! :tup:
  13. The one Ala Moana Mall is pretty big and they carry tons of style that I don't usually see in my local boutique or dept stores. The SAs are very helpful and friendly. Have fun!
  14. Some of the SAs are nice, some are not. Also, not everything is displayed, so if you have something in mind, just ask. I remember at the Ala Moana store, they would have the current items on display throughout the store, but when they'd slide the mirrored doors to grab items in storage, I'd see a bunch of little flaps that aren't displayed. I believe the tax is 4.71%. The tax on the other islands are a little lower at 4.167%. Oahu's higher because they're planning to implement a mass transit system.
  15. Thanks for all the info. I hope to find a little something fun or unusual.