chanel hat fall 2007 precollection

  1. i just went to chanel at tysons last week and purchased the new black wool hat from the fall 07 precollection- its so cute! im just sad i cant wear it until fall. its number one on the chanel website under accessories/fall-winter precollection. im such a hat person. i would have killed for one of the chanel tweed hats from two winters ago that anne hathaway wore in devil wears prada, but i had trouble finding one. when i was at hershleifers a couple weeks ago they had a chanel nylon and fur trapper hat that im thinking of getting for my honeymoon in aspen this january. does anyone know which hat im talking about?
  2. Ooh, that's a cute hat! Congrats! :smile:

    May I ask how much was it? ...Or how pricey are Chanel hats in general?
  3. it was 399 :smile:
  4. Very cute!!
  5. Ok, thanks! :flowers:

    I can always dream of one...
  6. I ordered the cashmere beanie in black....I love cashmere in the winter!