Chanel Hardware/chains: Does it fade/tarnish over time?

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  1. Tried searching for a similar thread but can't seem to find one specific to this question...

    For those of you who have owned chanel bags over a long period of time, how does the hardware stand up? I'm particularly concerned about those bags with chain handles, like the classic flap, since one would touch the chains quite a lot and inevitably, the moisture from the hands would affect the chains.... Does the hardware tarnish, peel or anything like that even after years? Is there a difference between the gold and silver hardware?

    Thanks so much
  2. Mine has never tarnished.
  3. I've never had a problem with Chanel hardware before. All of the hardware on my bags and jewelry/accessories still look great! My oldest bag is about 10 years old though, so my collection is not too old.
  4. My mom has bags over 20 years old and no tarnish whatsover.
  5. ITA. My first Chanel, a classic, is still looks as good as new. I got it in the '80s. I don't carry it daily but the bucket bag I had I schlepped it to work, shopping, everywhere and no tarnish whatsoever.
  6. None of the chanels have had the hardware tarnished...
  7. I certiainly hope not...

    But could it rust?:confused1:
  8. I have a classic Chanel with gold h/w (including chain shoulderstraps) from about 1994............the h/w is still bright and shiney

    my mom has Chanels 20 years old and same situation!
  9. I have a vintage with gold hardware/chain and no tarnishing on mine. It's just perfect like it was brand new!
  10. good to hear that the chains stay shiny, cause i'm planning on keeping my chanels for life!
  11. I really want a black classic flap with gold chain, my SA said the color does fade away, but not for a long time. Ladies here who have gold chain with your chanel, how's the color on your gold chain?
    Many thanks in advance...:smile:
  12. I have some vintage chanel from mid-to-late 80's and their gold hardware still looks good. I think some of the fading may be due to climate as I've seen bags on ebay were the gold has faded or tarnished.
  13. I haven't had any probs with the gold chain and some of my chanels are 3-4 years old. I do store them in their dustbags though.
  14. i had my medium in gold h/w which i bought about two yrs ago and the gold is still shiny.

    but one thing i notice is that the caviar leather is softer than my 2005 purchase.
  15. Thanks Regina, Syma, and Kaka, I just got back from Chanel, and i was told that they can replace the chain for $120 if anything happens to it, now i feel better. BTW, the lambskin looks so luxurious, lambskin OR caviar... Gosh, such a hard call.