Chanel handbags


Rue du FB St Honore
Aug 11, 2009
LV has prices in euros, pounds and US$.

I think Chanel is not putting up the prices so that we cannot compare them. Chanel in Singapore cost about S$500 more for a jumbo compared to USA and S$1000+ compared to Paris.

So now we know tpf is the best. We have our own pricelist shared by all the kind and generous tpfers.

So I guess now you know why Asians go crazy shopping in Paris...

i guess they people from other countries view it.... and they're all different all around?


Oct 9, 2006

I think it's in part to prevent price arbitrage cos the bags are just so much more expensive in some countries (particularly in Asia!)

Also, it could be to preserve the exclusivity of the brand, "price on demand only!"

Not that those reasons hold with TPF and all the lovely TPF-ers who share their intel so generously! ;)
Sep 19, 2009
Or mabye it is cause then you need to go to the store and once you see the bag IRL you want it. And not even the price tag will then stop you. If you know the price before mabye some people will not buy it??
Off course Chanel didn't knew before that the prices will be shared on TPF.