Chanel handbags in white

  1. i have been wanting a white Chanel bag for a while now:nuts: . i have been very hesitant due to the high maintenance i always imagined it would require.

    which style do you have? how do you keep it clean? do you regret gettting it in white?
  2. I have a large classic flap in white. It still looks like new and I've had it since March. The only thing I do is wipe it down at the end of the day with a cloth.
    chanel flap.jpg
  3. its gorgeous. just a regular cloth?
    when you use her, do you find yourself babying her?
  4. I have the caviar white easr/west. Do I baby her? You betcha:graucho:
  5. Usually Sundays or when I'm dressed up mainly. I don't baby her, but I also don't put her in mud puddles and near dangerous situations. I don't worry about her when I'm using her. I know where I shouldn't use her and I don't put her on the floor, but otherwise, she's fine. Caviar is the easiest leather to take care of.

    If I were to scuff her up, I would just have her redyed, but I don't think that will happen for years.
  6. I just got the petite shopping tote in white. :love:

    It doesn't seem hard to keep clean since it's caviar and I'm not going to baby it. I don't regret getting this in white at all, I've wanted a white handbag for awhile (like you) and I'm glad I chose this style and color
  7. Ditto with me - I just got mine last week! I've only used it twice, andd no problems... it out to the grocery stores, for dinner and also to a club. No problems with dirt for me - I made an effort not to sit in on anything dirty, and I haven't had to wipe it down yet either.

    I think lambskin would be a nightmare to deal with in white, but I think you'd be safe with the caviar.
  8. I have a white caviar and so far, no issues with dirt etc. I think the biggest enemy of white bags is their proximity to other bags that are in a colored leather. In the past, that is the only problem I ever had. A white leather calfskin without a sleeper bag sat next to a colored bag on the shelf for months and the colored bag left color on the white one.So I guess the moral of the story is, keep all bags in sleepers and keep the white ones by themselves:rolleyes:
  9. Good point! My Vuitton MC had color transfer issues, and there's still some discoloration on one side where I stupidly stored it next to something red - grrrr....

    I'm curious though - my white Chanel came with a black sleeper bag - has anyone had problems with the black sleeper transferring color? Thanks!
  10. No, I let it sleep in it's dustbag and it's fine. As long as you're not storing it in an oven you should be ok.
  11. I have a pair of black and white Chanel shoes in a black sleeper and so far no problems. I really don't understand why the color transfer with the leathers. With expensive bags you wouldn't expect this.

  12. so you can have Chanel re dye a bag? hmmmm. thanks for the info.
  13. you have all been so helpful. thank you soooo much.
  14. Better go look at the thread about cleaning the Chanel bags. Girls who had them dyed didn't like how they came out. I'm not a big fan of it either. I just clean the leather myself.
  15. :yes: Yes, they can redye a bag for you. So if some strange incident were to happen, at least you can clean it up.